Every year, you and your family sweat through the hot summer in your home, and you’re ready to change that this year! Thankfully, there are many ways to make your home cooler that don’t cost a lot of money, methods that increase your HVAC efficiency and avoid unnecessary replacement procedures.

The following tips are designed to be things that many homeowners can either handle on their own or with the help of a few experts. However, steps like AC repair may also be on this list, so be prepared for that. You may also have to pay for roof installation, a measure that is more than worth a cooler home.

Tips for a Strict Budget: You Pay Little to Nothing!

Several steps in this process won’t require commercial roofers or professionals to handle for you. Many of these tips don’t even need electric repair or other types of occasionally expensive options. Instead, these tips are as cost-free as possible, requiring only a minimal amount of time and money from you. We like to call these the ‘Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner’ steps.

We love that name because these steps are a win-win for you and your home. Your house will be cooler if you try these tips, but you won’t have to spend a lot of money to execute them. Honestly, there’s not much more than can be said about their benefits beyond looking at how they work. Just a few of the steps that you can take before you start air conditioning repair and other costly upgrades include:

  • Correctly Set Your Thermostat – While you may be tempted to blast your air conditioner all summer long, this step will cost you extra money. So instead, set your thermostat for about 68-70 degrees, adjusting it at night to a higher level. A programmable thermostat may be a great option here, as is installing a second-floor thermostat that can provide more detailed cooling upstairs.
  • Maintain Your System – The easiest no-to-low cost maintenance step for your HVAC system is removing and cleaning the air filters. Some filters may be replaceable, meaning you can clean them and put them back into your system, costing you no money at all. Others may require buying a new option, instead, but this choice is very inexpensive compared to the inefficiency of a dirty HVAC unit.
  • Proper Window Management – Open your windows at night to let in cool air, using window and ceiling fans to draw in cool air. Then, close them in the morning to trap this cold air and draw your blinds before the sun rises too high. When you close your blinds, you help keep your cool air in the home longer, cutting back on your cooling costs while also making your home more comfortable. Bingo!
  • Avoid Excessive Heat Production – Do you like cooking for your family every night with a high-quality meal? And do you have old-fashioned traditional light bulbs instead of efficiency options? If so, you are producing excessive heat every day. Instead of cooking indoors, you should cook outside to decrease heat production in your home and install low-cost and efficient light bulbs in your home.

There’s a good chance that these options may be the only thing you need to do to make your home much cooler. For some people, they take the place of AC repairs and help cut back on expensive costs. That said, these steps do indeed have limitations. However, they are practical if your roof is already strong and your AC system is reliable and efficient. If your system has problems, you’ll be in trouble.

As a result, we’re going to look more in-depth into some costlier and more hands-on ways to make your home a cooler and more comfortable place. The steps below are arranged by increasing cost, so move on to the next section before trying any others. Just as importantly, make sure that you talk to experts, like a commercial electrician, if any of these options seem beyond your skills as a person.

Simple Repair Steps You Can Take: A Little Pricier But Still Affordable

When the previously mentioned no-to-low cost steps above don’t entirely give your home the cool atmosphere that you want, it may be essential to do some very simple home repairs. These concepts are something that you should be able to handle on your own and will give you the help needed to minimize your expenses and ensure that you are satisfied with your home’s HVAC needs.

Just as importantly, these steps are things that you can do to cut back on repair costs. Most homeowners should be capable of handling a majority of these steps, though it is true that some may find them more challenging to handle. Whatever the situation, it is a good idea to perform each of these steps according to your capabilities to minimize the risk of mistakes. These high-quality steps include how you can:

  • Seal Window Leaks – Check the frame of your windows for any cracks or air leaks that may be costing you cooling efficiency. Seal these up using caulk or other types of sealants to ensure that your cool air stays inside. You may need to install new windows in some cases, though you should get many benefits simply by sealing up the sides using caulk and other simple methods.
  • Pay Attention to Your Outlets – Your outlets and switches may lead to a surprising amount of air loss throughout your home, requiring you to repair them or replace them as needed. You may need to add outlet seals around the edges of each to keep them safe or install new ones. In some cases, the drywall around the switch may also be damaged and must be replaced to keep your switch correctly operational.
  • Weatherstrip Your Doors – Like your windows, your doors are likely to leak an alarming amount of cool air during the summer and let in frustrating hot air when you want it the least. As a result, it is crucial to weatherstrip all of your doors, using a self-adhesive type that sticks to your door frames and provides the long-term help you need. Make sure you check this item regularly and replace, as required.
  • Check Upstairs for Any Problems – The attic or second floor of your home is likely where you’re going to experience some real HVAC troubles. You may notice problems with your windows (particularly with cracks if you rarely go up there) or with poor insulation throughout your flooring. Make sure that you replace all of your insulation with more robust and more secure options, carefully fix any framing issues, and take the time to manage other concerns. Doing so will save you time and money later.

While you’re going to have to spend money on some equipment and take the time to perform these steps correctly, we believe that most homeowners should have minimal challenges handling all of these repairs. Make sure that you also purchase protection gear, such as gloves and goggles, if you are working with any delicate or sensitive items, such as if you’re working near electrical wires.

If you find at any point that these steps are beyond your skills, stop immediately and contact a repair expert. There’s no point in pushing ahead if you don’t feel 100% capable of handling these repairs. Otherwise, you may end up doing damage to your home and causing more trouble with your heating and cooling needs. And you may also need more intensive steps to manage these problems as well.

Steps for When Nothing Else Works: Higher-Priced But More Effective For Heating and Cooling Needs

If the steps above didn’t work and your home is still too warm this summer, you may need more specialized help from roofers and HVAC professionals. Various residential and commercial roof repair services can increase your home’s heating and cooling efficiency and cut back on unnecessary heating and cooling difficulties. And though these cost more, they provide long-term benefits.

As a result, the extra cost that they incur will be more than offset by the benefits you receive in your reduced heating and cooling bills. And your home will be more relaxing and enjoyable during the hottest summer months: this is another “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” moment! Just a few roofing and HVAC options that you may want to consider this summer include ideas like:

  • Roof Repairs – When you get residential or commercial roof repair services for your home, you can help keep it cooler in many ways. First of all, repairs help to minimize heat loss caused by shoddy roofing insulation and other issues. Repairs also help to spot common and lingering roof issues that may worsen over time and cause a series of heating and cooling difficulties as a result.
  • HVAC Maintenance and Repairs – Hiring professionals to inspect your HVAC unit is critical if it is suffering from serious problems. These experts can come to your home and carefully check for short- and long-term issues. They can then repair these issues and provide other maintenance steps (such as part lubrication) that should help to minimize the amount of money you spend on this process.
  • Roof Replacement – Roofers may find that your home needs a more long-term care option that keeps your house cool and protected from various damage issues. Often, replacement may be necessary by working with residential and commercial roof inspectors who can spot these problems and use skilled replacement and installation processes to make your home cooler and more protected from damage.
  • HVAC Installation – When your system cannot be maintained or kept in great shape via maintenance and repairs, you may find that you need high-quality installation steps to manage this problem for you. Your team will come to your home, check out the various issues with its multiple elements, take the time to balance their needs, and install a new heating and cooling system that makes sense for you.

Please note that you don’t necessarily have to try the steps outlined before this section before you get HVAC or roof repairs or installation. In some cases, you may progress directly to this last step if your home needs these steps, and the earlier ones won’t cut it for you. That said, it is usually best to progress to these steps later, after other options have failed to work, to save yourself the most money.

Try to choose which of these steps makes the most sense for you and integrate it into your home’s upkeep to ensure that you get the most benefits. You don’t have to do all of these steps (please keep this in mind to avoid spending too much money) at once but can, instead, do them over a series of a few years. Taking this step is smart because it ensures you are satisfied with the process and don’t need to hire experts later.

You Can Keep Your Home Cool

When you go through each of these steps and invest a little bit of time and money into executing them, you should get the high-quality HVAC operation that you deserve. Yes, you’re going to spend money here – that’s usually unavoidable – but the benefits of doing so are significant. You just won’t have to worry nearly as much about the problems associated with inadequate heating and cooling situations. And you can avoid spending a lot of money every year.

Just as importantly, you can give your family the chance to relax and feel more comfortable in their home. This benefit is significant because excessive heat is uncomfortable, may cause some health issues, and is best avoided when trying to sleep. So make sure that you take the time to invest in these steps to give your family and yourself the comfortable home you want and deserve for your needs. Doing so is the right choice for your home and your family.