Are you considering building or buying a home. Custom homes are expensive and the housing market is insane right now. In fact, house prices are expected to rise to a peak of 21% higher than average in May.

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Even so, it is never a bad time to buy a home. It is what you have been saving for your whole life. In this video, we will look at common mistakes that will save you money if you avoid them.

The first common mistake is overpaying for a house. It is easy to get caught up in the emotion and the excitement of buying a new home. People have a tendency to stretch their budgets over what they can really afford. You don’t want to leave yourself financially burdened by a house that you can not afford. In fact, don’t even max out your budget on a new house. Instead, give yourself some wiggle room. You never know what unexpected expenses lie in wait around the corner. You will be glad that you have budget left when you find out that the flooring has to be completely redone.