Money saving tips are everywhere. You just have to know where to look. Surprisingly, YouTube is home to many tips and tricks when it comes to saving money on your home. One such area of potential money savings is your roofing. Roofing can be a complicated manner.

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There are many different types of roofs with different pros and cons. The thing is, there is no one size fits all when it comes to roofing. It all depends on your budget, your goals, and where you live to name just a few of the many variables. Thankfully, this video will help you break down the possibilities.

Metal roofing is an up and coming option for many modern homes in the United States. It’s durability and long-lasting nature make it a perfect fit for many people. However, is it the right choice for you? If you are looking for a solution that will last a very long time, metal is a good fit for you. It also very rarely leaks compared to shingles. The downside to this option is that it is nearly twice as expensive as shingles. However, a little known trick is that you can use YouTube videos and guides to learn how to install a metal roof yourself. It is not too complicated to do so. Further, installing a metal roof yourself will make the price comparable to shingles.