When a loved one dies, the process of navigating through a reading of the will can be confusing. Processing a loved one’s passing while also being present and attentive to the process of handing down their assets can be a lot for one person to manage. In order to prepare for situations like this and avoid scrambling to learn everything about wills last-minute, invest in the future and educate yourself on the probate process! This video provides a comprehensive look at probate and why a will has to go through it before assets can be dispersed.

Probate is the period between a will writer’s passing and the distribution of title assets to those in the will. Essentially, it is the waiting period between a death and the fulfilling of the will.

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So when a loved one passes, there will be a period of waiting before you legally receive what a will leaves you. This waiting period ensures that all the assets are registered, the will is clear about who gets them, and everything is check and re-checked. This will help avoid confusion and future conflicts involving somebody’s will and assets. Probate is a necessary part of will, so do not worry too much about it.