Coin sorters

If your business has to deal with a lot of cash, you know how challenging that can be. There are a lot of cash management problems and solutions that come up when dealing with large amounts of currencies. For this reason, a number of businesses turn to money counting machines to help. Here are some reasons you may want to go this route.

  1. It will save you time. When you are looking at your cash management problems and solutions, it is hard to see one challenge that can be fixed as easily as that of time management. Currency counting machines are able to count vast amounts of both paper and coin money much, much faster than any person could ever hope to count it. It takes mere seconds to do what it takes minutes for a person to do. Moreover, when a person counts any kind of currency, they do not just double count it but they will go ahead and triple check it. That means their counting time, which is already longer than what cash counters take, elongated by a factor of three. This is a big waste of everyone’s time.
  2. They are much more accurate. People make mistakes. Even when they triple count the money that they count, people will make mistakes. There is no way around that. By contrast, currency counter machines provide 100% accuracy the first time they count the currency. The machines are able to separate the currency and then count it in a few seconds. Even if the currency that is being counted is old or dirty, it can be accurately counted.
  3. They are easy to use. When you are looking at cash management problems and solutions, money counting machines are great. The use and operation of these machines is incredibly easy. They all have systems to automatically start and then stop. As soon as you input any kind of currency into the machines, they start to count it. When they are finished with the count, they stop. It is just that simple. The interface is easy to read and use. The graphic LCD screen and touch keyboards make the whole system as user friendly as possible.
  4. They can find counterfeit currency easily. Another thing to consider when you are looking at cash management problems and solutions is how to prevent accepting counterfeit currency. This is especially important when you accept different currencies. It can be really hard for staff to keep up with the latest in counterfeiting when they have to deal with more than one currency. It can be even harder for them to recognize counterfeit notes when they see them. These are not problems for automated currency counting machines that can recognize fake currency. This also takes a lot of pressure off of your staff who may be worried about accepting fake notes by accident.
  5. They are convenient to use. There are portable cash counters that work off of battery power. All currency counters are really convenient for the users. They can be configured for the specific needs of the different users of the machines. They have different modes such as batch mode, stamp mode, cheque mode and a free mode. There are different units that can be added to aid in the display, all of this is just up to the user. They can be programmed to help users with the reports they need. This can help with accounting and tax reporting.
  6. They are intelligent. The cash counting machines have built in software that lets them do internal tests to see how they are actually functioning at any time. In addition to being able to tell if a note is fake or unusable, they can differentiate between different denominations of any kind of currency. The reading after counting money can be done as the total or the total and a list of what denominations that were counted. This gives users different options for how reports are generated.

When you are looking at your cash management problems and solutions, there are a lot of options you have available to you. Using money counting machines can make the prospect of accepting large amounts of different currencies a lot less risky and time consuming.