If you are a successful contractor, or are taking strides to open your own construction business, you are going to need equipment. Sure, renting equipment is always an option, but that costs quite a bit of money. If you buy your own equipment new, that could also cost a small fortune. An excellent alternative is to buy used equipment and refurbish it yourself. It will take a keen eye and quite a few hours of work, but you can bring pre-loved construction equipment back to life! In this video, we will hear some big tips from an avid investor in buying used construction equipment.

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Before choosing to buy an old piece of equipment, it is crucial that you inspect the machine first. Take a look at a few key pieces of the machine to make sure that it is worth your purchase. You want to take careful note of the state of the undercarriage, the engine, the final drives, the swing motor, and the swivel motor. This particular analysis is for an excavator, but the basic building blocks can make up other machines as well. Take note of leaks and possible mechanical failures before taking on a big refurbishing project.