Would you like some money-saving tips and money-making tips? Want to also improve your lifestyle by making some changes? Follow the guidelines below to know where to spend money wisely, so you get the most from it.

Where to Spend

Home Maintenance and Repair

Improve your lifestyle by keeping up with home maintenance and repair. Home maintenance is crucial because it saves you money. You’re wondering “how”? It is proven that for every dollar spent on preventive maintenance around your home, you save approximately $100 spent in repairs in the future. Taking care of small issues when they occur, such as a clogged drain or a dirty filter, prevents them from becoming worse over time. They can develop into larger problems, such as a burst pipe or a burned-out HVAC motor. The bigger the problem, the more money it will take to fix it.

Maintenance requires completing the same task over and over again. Just as sweeping the floor or doing dishes is done over and over again. Your home’s working parts are more important than clean floors or dishes, as they are much more expensive to replace.

Your home will not run efficiently if you do not clean or replace the furnace filter or clean the coils under the refrigerator. The furnace will have a harder time heating or blowing cool air into your home, and the refrigerator will have a harder time keeping food cold while using more energy.

Do you suspect you need roof damage repair? If you are missing shingles, or have a small roof leak, now is the time to get it repaired before the entire roof needs replacing. What about gutter maintenance? If your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, clean them out to avoid water backing up onto the roof.

Home maintenance will increase your home’s value. The longer you own your home, the more its value is increased. With proper care, you can ensure that it will hold its value. If you decide to list your home for sale tomorrow but have not maintained any of the mechanicals or appliances, it would show on the home inspection report, and you could lose a buyer. Or your buyer may ask for a reduction in listing price or replacement of items in question. Either way, you will not get the money from your home that you could have with proper maintenance.

The more home improvement and maintenance projects you do yourself, the more your home’s value will increase, and the more equity you build. Improve your lifestyle by developing a pride of ownership. It will pay off in the long run.

Health and Wellness

Our medical wellness is crucial to improving our lifestyle and an area where we shouldn’t consider scrimping. Healthy foods are pricey. Unhealthy foods generally are not. High-quality foods are a bargain if you are interested in good health. They will generate energy, vitality, and immunity to be resilient and effective in stressful times.

Suppose you economize in ways that reduce nutritional intake, expose you to toxic inflammatory compounds, or unbalance your diet. In that case, it will cost you far more than you would save by eating healthy. You would be vulnerable to expensive and miserable health conditions requiring medical treatments.

You can also improve your lifestyle by deciding not to cancel your health club membership. Yes, you are paying a fee for that service, but the more you use it, the more value you obtain. If giving up your gym membership means giving up a sanity-supporting routine, it is not worth the sacrifice.

Another way to spend money wisely to preserve our mental health is by taking up a hobby, such as art. Art includes writing poetry, dancing, sketching, painting, or sculpting with clay. These activities make us happier and relaxed while improving motor and problem-solving skills, memory retention, and hand-to-eye coordination.

While doing your painting or sketching, indulge in some home office art. Make the space you work or enjoy your hobby personalized to suit your interests. You will be more comfortable and productive in the room and improve your lifestyle at the same time.

Where to Save

Lower Car Payments

Lowering your vehicle payment could free up money in your budget to improve your lifestyle. If you are considering a new car, comparison shopping for a car loan and making a down payment could reduce your monthly payment. If you have a loan, refinancing your car or trading it in for a less expensive vehicle could add extra cash back to your budget.

There are some ways you can lower your car payment.

  • Lease a car
  • Refinance your car
  • Sell it or trade it to a dealership for a used car
  • Sell the car yourself to purchase a less expensive car
  • Talk to your lender if you temporarily have trouble making payments or require lower payments for a short period.

The average monthly payment on a new car loan has surpassed $560. Used car payments are at an average of $397 per month. Statistics show that nearly 5% of car loans were more than 90 days delinquent as of the third quarter of 2020.

Consider carefully before purchasing a new car. Do not let emotion enter into the decision. Let your budget decide what is manageable. Love can turn to hate if you cannot afford that payment after a few months. Improve your lifestyle by being wise before you purchase, not regretful after.

Limit Streaming Subscriptions

Improve your lifestyle by limiting the amount of money you spend on streaming services. Here is a list and the cost of the most common streaming services for 2021.

  • Amazon Prime Video – $119 yearly, or $12.99 monthly
  • Crackle – free
  • Disney Plus – 6.99 monthly
  • Fubo TV – $64.99 monthly
  • HBO Max – $14.99 monthly
  • Hulu – $5.99 monthly
  • Netflix – $8.99 monthly
  • Sling TV – $35 monthly

The above entertainment services have a flat fee billing service, charging the amount that is shown above. This simply means that you pay a one-time charge monthly to view anything you want, at any time, and as often as you like.

The one advantage for a film lover is that it is less expensive than going to a movie theater to see a film. It is also much more convenient, as you can view it in the privacy and comfort of your home.

But as you see, the charges can mount up. Try to choose the less expensive services to enjoy. If you currently have a cable TV subscription, you probably don’t need Sling TV or Fubo TV, which are costly. The less expensive options will provide all the entertainment you or your family will need, preserve the budget, and improve your lifestyle.

Where to Make Quick Cash

Do you need to improve your lifestyle before payday?

Sell Unwanted Items

Here is a list of things you could sell to stretch the budget till you get paid again.

  1. Books
    1. While you won’t get rich selling books online, sites including Amazon will pay for your unwanted paperbacks and college textbooks. Many sites offer fast payment via PayPal or gift card options.
  2. Furniture
    1. You have replaced a living room suite or dining room set, but now it is taking up room in your basement. List your unused furniture on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. The post is free, and if you list it locally, you will not need to deal with shipping costs.
    2. If you have a more valuable piece, such as an antique sideboard, or a mid-century modern bedroom set, try an antique dealer.
  3. Jewelry
    1. Are the gifts you received from former boyfriends cluttering up your jewelry box? Why not make money selling the unwanted rings, bracelets, or other fine pieces you no longer wear. Where to sell my jewelry, you ask?
      1. A local jeweler will likely give you the best price as they will see you as a future customer.
      2. Sell it online, through Amazon, eBay, etc.
      3. Consignment jewelry stores
      4. Pawnshops
  4. Clothing
    1. Sites such as Poshmark or Tradesy provide a platform for selling unwanted clothes. So free up some space in your closet, and put some money in your wallet by listing your unwanted attire.
    2. If you are in a rush, consider a consignment shop in your area. Brick-and-mortar secondhand stores, such as Plato’s Closet, would be quicker than selling online.
    3. You will probably get a fraction of the retail price for most things, but if your closet is full of designer labels, you will do much better. An excellent site to consign luxury items is RealReal, and most things sell in a few days.
  5. VHS Movies
    1. Do you have some old VHS tapes on hand? Disney movies are still in demand, and many bring good prices. Mary Poppins, a vintage version on VHS, sold for $61 in 2016.
    2. Obscure horror movies, not available on DVD, can sell for $100 or more on eBay.
  6. Sports Equipment
    1. Selling your child’s old sports equipment could help put a dent in his or her college tuition bill. Play It Again Sports is a national chain that buys unwanted sporting equipment such as golf clubs, snowboards, old hockey skates, and other sports paraphernalia.
  7. Children’s Toys
    1. Kids seem to outgrow their toys in no time. Before disposing of them on trash day, attempt to sell them on Marketplace or Craigslist. The store Once Upon a Child buys toys that are in good condition and clean.
  8. Vintage Items
    1. Do you have some of your grandmother’s things in the basement or attic? How about a box of childhood toys gathering dust? While it may look junk to you, it can be worth money if you find the right buyer.
    2. On sites like eBay and Etsy, buyers snap up milk glass vases,’ 80s see-thru telephones, retro typewriters, and other things enjoyed for a short time. You may not make money instantly, but if you are patient, the profit can be reasonable.

You will accomplish a few things by selling some of the items you no longer need or use. You will free up storage space in your closets, attic, or basement, make some extra money, and improve your lifestyle by not living with clutter!

Downsize to an Affordable Home

There are many benefits to downsizing to an affordable home. It definitely will improve your lifestyle and provide other benefits such as:

  • Lower mortgage payments
  • Lower real estate taxes
  • Lower utility costs
  • Lower homeowners insurance costs
  • Less cost to maintain
  • Have a garage sale and make money

What is the best way to sell your home? Consider “cash for homes” companies. There are many legitimate real estate cash buyers that can purchase your home.

A cash offer means that a buyer wants to purchase without a mortgage or other financing. These offers are attractive to sellers, as a faster closing time results. These companies buy homes as-is. You do not need to do any repairs or cleaning. Take what you want and leave the rest to them. They remodel homes, so the sellers do not need to worry about maintenance issues. You will not deal with open houses, inspections, or any other annoyances so typical with the sale of a home. Improve your lifestyle by selling your unwanted home quickly and purchase a less expensive home in the area you want, and begin to enjoy life.

You can do many things to improve your lifestyle for the benefit of yourself and your kids. With a little extra money available, take the family on a short vacation, purchase an outdoor activity for the kids, such as a trampoline or an above-ground pool.

Or improve your lifestyle in a practical fashion, such as buying new tires for your car or buying new walking shoes for the entire family. Begin to take walks to improve your health and wellbeing. That is an improvement for sure!