If you are dealing with massive credit card debt, you’re one out of millions of people. According to Value Penguin, most Americans are at least $6,000 deep in credit card debt. Thus, your situation is perfectly normal if you’re anywhere near that.

However, you will need to improve your situation to alleviate your stress and make yourself eligible for some of the things you want. You also don’t want to spend your entire life in debt. This piece is for you if you’re asking, ‘How can I pay off my credit cards faster?’ The following are 11 tips for clearing your credit card debt.

1. Motivate yourself to eradicate your debt.

The first step toward paying off your credit card debt is to motivate yourself to do it. Think of something you want more than anything in the world, and let that be the driving force that causes you to work on slashing your debt. Maybe you’re thinking about financing braces, but no one will give you a loan because your credit score isn’t high.

Perhaps you’d love to own your own home, but your credit card debt has mortgage companies looking the other way. Think about how important it is for you to make that dream come true and hype yourself up for a credit card debt recovery plan.

2. Stop using your credit cards immediately.

Ceasing credit card usage can be difficult at first, but it’s necessary if you want to grab hold of your situation and win. You asked, ‘How can I pay off my credit cards faster?’ You have to stop using them if you want to get there. You can speak to an accountant for advice or assistance with the cessation of credit card spending.

You can also employ the help of your family members and friends. Ask them to hold you accountable if you spend money on your credit cards after you vow not to do it anymore. Contact your credit card providers and have them block your cards for a little while. Some companies provide their clients with online access to card-blocking features.

Thus, you could sign in and block yourself from using your card while paying off your debt. Usage cessation is the first step after you motivate yourself. You will have difficulty succeeding if you aren’t dedicated to this part of the process. Revolving credit can be slippery, and you need to be 100 percent serious to get through it.

3. Outline your strategy.

The next part of this process is mapping out your recovery strategy. You’ll need to ask yourself these three questions before you begin paying off your debt:

When do I want my debt to be paid off? How much can I afford to spend? How can I pay off my credit cards faster?

It’s your choice, whether you want to pay off all your credit card debt in five years, two years, or six months. Only you know what your plans are and when you need to have fantastic credit.

Be realistic regarding disposable income and how much money you can use to pay your debts. Don’t dedicate money you don’t have, and don’t make your life any more complicated than it is. Develop a strategy and come up with a realistic figure that can work. The number and the timeframe you set will be your foundation for recovery.

4. Contact your creditors.

If you’re serious about ceasing your credit card use, you can contact the credit card companies to see if they have an in-house plan to put you on. Some companies will allow you to stop using your card and pay down debt with a lower interest rate and no late fees for a limited time. Therefore, it might be worth contacting these companies and seeing which ones are willing to help you conquer your debt.

Technically, the credit card companies will still make money, though maybe not as much as they would have made. Many are willing to approve these temporary arrangements so debtors can get back on track. Ensure that you stick to the plan if the creditor agrees to work with you in this manner. The answer to ‘How can I pay off my credit cards faster?’ is communicating with your creditors the right way.

5. Gather funds through sales and service.

Maybe you are still asking, ‘How can I pay off my credit cards faster?’ One way you increase your speed is by taking an inventory of all your belongings and selling items that you can stand to sell. For example, maybe you have a junk car or a second vehicle that you don’t use that much anymore. You could contact an organization that offers cash for cars and sell your vehicle to that entity.

Many facilities pay vehicle owners cash for their cars the same day and come directly to their homes to pick up those vehicles. You will most likely get the funds as long as you have the title and can prove you are the owner of such a vehicle.

You can use a few alternative methods to gather funds to pay off your credit card debt. One idea is to sell your items at a flea market. However, you may not have the funds to rent a table. In that case, having a yard sale might be better because you will not have to pay to rent a table or sell it at the site.

However, selling your items online might put funds in front of you faster. You can market your products to a broader audience if you offer them on a renowned auction site or e-commerce page. The money you collect from those sales can help you diligently chip away at your credit card debt.

6. Consider taking a side job.

Another idea for downsizing your credit card debt is to pick up some side jobs and use that money for debt payments alone. You can do many things to bring extra cash into your household, and these are a few ideas that will give you fast cash and allow you to have a generally flexible schedule:


Giving people rides to work, or doctor’s visits for pay is a relatively easy way to bring additional funds into your household. It may work well for you if you have a car in excellent condition and a valid insurance policy. It typically takes one week to obtain approval for ridesharing contract work, and you can make your own hours by logging in whenever you desire to give rides.

Food Delivery

Food delivery is another service you can provide as a business general contractor on the side. Several companies operate in the business of food delivery, and you can apply to use their platform and deliver various food items to customers for a fee.

Light Industrial Work

You can also work as a light industrial worker for a temporary employment provider. Light industrial work includes warehouse work, construction, and other casual blue-collar-type jobs. You will work with these companies on assignments that may last several weeks or months. All the money you earn from those assignments can go toward your credit card debt.

Handyperson Jobs

Handyperson jobs can be in any realm where you feel you have skills or abilities. For example, you can do work as a plumber. You can cut the grass for some of the people in your neighborhood. Maybe you can do a paint job. Any odd or one-off job like that can give you a chance to pay down your credit cards.

Website Design

Many more opportunities are out there. You only need to take some time to think about your skill set and desires to decide what will be best for you. Then you won’t have to ask, ‘How can I pay off my credit cards faster?’ You will have the answer.

7. Think about applying for a consolidation loan.

You may be eligible to get the green light for a debt consolidation loan. Consolidation loans are golden for several reasons. First, they merge your accounts so that you only have to worry about a single monthly payment instead of many. Secondly, consolidation loans often offer much lower interest rates than the average credit card does. Thirdly, they can improve your credit score while you pay down your debt in an organized manner.

The hard part is getting approved for a loan when you currently have overwhelming debt. It is possible to get a consolidation loan, but other alternatives exist if you can’t. Look into it and consider applying for a consultation loan. They can answer the question, ‘How can I pay off my credit cards faster?’

8. Use your tax money to slice the debt.

Another way to pay down your credit card debt is to take full advantage of the money you get back when tax season rolls around. You should consult with an accounting firm that can help you to file your taxes precisely and maximize your return. The key is to get as much back as possible to put it toward your credit card debt in a lump sum.

Tax accountants are well aware of the new laws and know the ins and outs that can boost your return. It might be wise to invest in hiring an accountant, so you don’t miss out on any of the awesome credits or deductions available.

9. Try a debt management plan.

A debt management plan is something you can try if you can’t get approval for a debt consolidation loan. The process is similar to consolidation but does not involve the issuance of any money. Instead, you get assigned a credit counselor who reviews your profile and gets in touch with your creditors if need be.

This person will do his or her best to convince your creditors to reduce your balances as much as possible. Then he or she will create a payment plan that will combine all of your accounts so that you only have to pay one payment each month. With the reduced balances and lower APRs, you’ll know the answer to this question: ‘How can I pay off my credit cards faster?’

10. Double up on your payments.

If you ask, ‘How can I pay off my credit cards faster?’ the answer is to pay more each time. For example, some people double up on their payments and eliminate their debt faster. If you can’t afford to do that, you can try adding the interest to your monthly payment.

You’ll be able to see your debt dwindle faster if you add at least that much to it. If you can’t do that, you can add something. Anything, even something as small as $5, can make a difference in the end.

11. Consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

If you can’t seem to get out from under your debt, bankruptcy is something to consider. However, you don’t have to file for Chapter 7 and have all your debts eliminated to get back on track. You can talk to an attorney at a law firm about Chapter 13. Chapter 13 differs from Chapter 7 in that the debtor still has to pay back some of the debt.

If you’re interested in going this route, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with attorneys to discuss whether you pass the means test. You will also need to create a repayment plan with your lawyer and propose it to your creditors. They have the right to agree to or decline your plan suggestion.

Another good thing about a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you might be able to add your lawyer’s fees to your total debt instead of paying upfront.

The benefit of filing for Chapter 13 is that you won’t have to pay all the debt you owe. You will get a small deduction, allowing you to pay off your debt much faster. You won’t have to ask, ‘How can I pay off my credit cards faster?’ because you’ll see them getting paid by your Chapter 13 arrangement.

Use the above-mentioned tips to squash your credit card debt. Tell yourself you can do it and you will.