If you plan to conduct a home renovation project, you have a lot to think about. You will need to find different contractors, budget your expenses, and, most importantly, turn your great ideas into the home you want. Revamping your house’s interior and exterior will require some expenses. If you are looking for 3 bedroom house renovation ideas on a budget, here is a comprehensive guide to help you get started.

What You Need to Know

Before even embarking on any home renovation project, it is important to have a concrete plan mapping out the areas you need to work on. In light of this, you need to do the following for optimum results.</p

  • Find Out the Type of Contractors You Need: Different home renovation projects require different professionals. While you can hire a general conductor to work on the various projects at home, it is best to work with specialists in different areas. For instance, you should hire a professional roofer for roof renovations and an HVAC service or technician for HVAC installation.
  • Budget and Research: 3 bedroom house renovation ideas on a budget are only achievable with proper planning and research. As you choose the projects to carry out, consider how much you can afford and work within your means. Doing this will help you determine what you need to repair or replace and find places to buy them at lower prices. It would also help estimate the whole renovation cost, split it into sections, and allocate extra budget for miscellaneous events.
  • Hiring Professionals vs. DIY Projects: If you are budget conscious, doing some renovation tasks yourself wouldn’t be a bad idea. Although complex renovations may require hiring a professional, you can cut costs doing the project yourself if you are proficient in that field. However, it is worth noting that with professional services, you get top-quality work and are guaranteed insurance on the work. Additionally, these services have the tools and equipment that may sometimes be expensive to hire when renovating yourself.
  • The Project Time Frame: The time frame for completing a home renovation project will depend on the scope of work and how well prepared an individual is. For example, a simple project like painting a room may take only a few days, but a bigger project like kitchen renovation may last weeks or months. If you plan to carry out multiple projects, completion time will depend on the availability of workers and materials and your readiness in terms of cash.

Decluttering the House

The first on the list of 3 bedroom house renovation ideas is to declutter the house. Decluttering is vital to help plan a home for renovation. Moving all the items in the home and thoroughly cleaning it up can spark the thought of reorganizing the house and give you an idea of the changes to make. By discovering what needs to be updated and what should stay the same, you can focus on areas around the home that truly need renovation. Additionally, decluttering might save you money on your renovation budget because you won’t have to pay for items to be removed from your house since you would have already done it.

Decluttering is also a requirement by many home contractors who plan to work on a renovation project. A kitchen contractor, for instance, may tell a homeowner to box up all the items carefully and store them away in preparation for a kitchen renovation. Doing this ensures the safety of the items – especially delicate ones – and allows the contractor to perform his work efficiently. Besides, the homeowner gets the chance to dispose of items they no longer need.

Fixing the Electrical and HVAC Systems

Many systems in your home are in some way connected to the electrical and HVAC systems. Without proper installation and maintenance of the electrical wiring system, these systems can pose a serious safety hazard. On the other hand, if the HVAC system is not properly serviced and maintained, controlling the temperature around your home can be very challenging. Consequently, you should ensure that this is among your home improvement projects to embark on.

A professional local electrician with experience in renovation and construction projects can help turn your 3 bedroom house renovation ideas regarding your electrical needs into a reality. Most local electricians are affordable and familiar with local codes. They will work to make your system up to standards and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, local electricians understand the ins and outs of plumbing as it pertains to the location of electrical wiring and will help reposition your electrical system, fixtures, and appliances to fit the new design you may want.

When it comes to ensuring home comfort, hiring an HVAC service can help make your home comfortable and energy efficient. A qualified HVAC installer will work with engineers, plumbers, roofers, and other professionals to ensure that various renovations like window replacement and installation improve your home’s ventilation, insulation, and air quality in all weather and environment. A good HVAC professional will also integrate the most recent advancements in furnaces and programmable thermostats, enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and saving running expenses.

Remodeling Your Living Room

Your living room is probably one of the most important areas to consider in your 3 bedroom house renovation ideas. You can save money in plenty of ways when renovating your living area. For instance, you can improve your living area’s overall look and flow by opening up your space. Removing a wall partition will give your living area a spacious look and allow you to add more furniture and items to it without making the room seem cluttered. More importantly, removing a wall minimizes the money you would need to spend on painting it or conducting repairs during renovation.

Another great way to renovate your living room is to upgrade your flooring. You may need to update your flooring if it is worn out or old. There are plenty of great and affordable flooring options that you can consider. Sheet vinyl, for instance, is very affordable, ranging between $0.5 to $2 per square foot compared to $2 to $8 per foot for polished concrete, according to Forbes. To add a bit of life to your living room floor, you may consider luxury vinyl flooring, which is similarly priced. Not only is luxury vinyl flooring affordable and comfortable, but it is also durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen in a three-bedroom house is a family kitchen, and it is vital that during renovations, it is remodeled to reflect the family’s personality. Yet, one does not need to conduct a kitchen overhaul to give it a revamped look. Instead, they can employ basic 3 bedroom house renovation ideas for a more budget-friendly kitchen upgrade. Below are a few ideas to consider.

  • Update the Countertops: Consider inexpensive countertop materials such as butcher-clock and quartz in renovating your kitchen instead of more premium options. These materials are affordable and durable and will retain your kitchen’s beauty and style.
  • Revamp Your Cabinets: If your current kitchen cabinets are good quality and durable, you can consider giving them a fresh coat of paint, usually a lighter color, to make them feel new and brighten your kitchen area. Alternatively, you can consider investing in custom cabinets of your design to add more style and functionalities instead of spending money on new cabinets.
  • Add New Appliances: There is no better time to add or replace appliances in the kitchen than when remodeling. Check out amazing deals and items on sale to find good quality appliances at affordable prices. Also, consider the lifespan of the appliance before purchasing it. Check the warranty and determine how long the appliance will serve you before it requires that you replace it with a new one.
  • Plumbing Maintenance: Hiring plumbing services for kitchen remodeling ensures that all plumbing fixtures are functioning properly and that piping done under the sink, behind appliances, and throughout the kitchen are done correctly.

Bathroom Remodeling

A full bathroom renovation may sometimes achieve the opposite effect when on a tight budget. You thus need to choose a few important modifications to make and even decide how many bathrooms to renovate if you have more than one in your home. A 3 bedroom house renovation ideas for a bathroom may include changing the flooring, painting the walls, adding some lighting, and accessorizing it with new items.

Engineering wood, laminate flooring, and peel-and-stick tiles are some affordable options you can consider for your bathroom floor. Unlike hardwood floors, engineering floors are waterproof and less susceptible to moisture. They are also easy to install and affordable. Similarly, laminate and peel-and-stick tile flooring are inexpensive and easy to install.

You can also spruce up your bathroom walls by painting them and giving them bright colors to make them more visible and look spacious. Additionally, consider using fiberglass and acrylic panels for showers to give the bathroom a touch of sleekness at a reasonable price. These materials also have an added advantage because they are fully waterproof.

Bedroom Renovations

Similar to your living room and bathroom, some 3 bedroom renovation ideas for your bedroom may include changing the flooring, painting the walls, and installing new light fixtures. In addition, you can make your bedroom look elegant and stylish by adding wallpapers. Various wallpapers of different colors, patterns, styles, and textures can suit your bedroom, depending on your needs. A coastal theme wallpaper, for instance, can be a good choice if you want to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Another great idea for your bedroom is to add a custom closet to make your space more organized and functional. When you plan to add a custom closet to your bedroom, decide where you want it located and the quality and affordability of material to use, then hire custom closet designers to help you install it. Choosing an affordable closet material will help you cut costs while providing functionality.

New Window and Door Treatments

Putting new doors and windows in your home during a renovation project can transform how your house feels. For windows, you may decide to replace old ones with newer functional and more energy-efficient options. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for vinyl or wooden window types and add some finishes and painting to them. On windows treatment, consider getting shades and window blinds to provide more functionality and add aesthetics.

You may also include door upgrades in your 3 bedroom house renovation ideas. To do this, replace old doors with new affordable options such as wooden ones matching your home’s design. Alternatively, you can paint the doors for a fresh look and appeal. Doing this, especially on front doors, can attract the attention of passersby and make them imagine that the interior looks superb as well.

Renovating Your Outdoor Space

To complement your indoors, consider including outdoor remodeling in your list of 3 bedroom house renovation ideas. There are several cheap landscaping ideas for your outdoor space to make it more appealing. For instance, you can start a small functional garden in your backyard and grow some of your favorite flowers and vegetables or plant a tree and decorate it with LED lights.

Patios and pergolas are other great options to make your exterior place more functional. You can set up a pergola or a patio to provide a space to relax, entertain guests, and find shade. You may as well hire a home remodeling service to install a walkway, firepit, or sitting place in your outside area.

There are plenty of 3 bedroom house renovation ideas you can try out as a homeowner. The ideas discussed above are a few examples of main renovations that you should consider. Not only are they affordable, but also implementing them increases your home’s value and makes it more elegant and comfortable to live in. If you plan to carry out a home renovation project for your home, feel free to contact us.