There may be situations when you require the services of a family lawyer to resolve legal issues, such as divorce, child custody, and adoption. This video provides advice on how to source a good family lawyer.


Learn how many years of experience they have, particularly in family law. Some lawyers have a general practice, but some specialize in family law.

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You should know the strategy your family lawyer will take when they handle your case. Aside from giving legal counsel, the lawyer should explain how they’ll pursue your case.


Different firms charge differently. Some charge an hourly rate (retainer). Others charge a flat fee. It’s essential to know how you’ll be charged, but your lawyer will probably be upfront about this.

Size of the Firm

Some clients may want a smaller firm to handle their cases. Some prefer a larger firm. The type of firm you want will be determined by your expectations and preferences.


Trust is essential in a family law case. Having trust in your family lawyer and the decision they take is imperative.

Keep these factors in mind as you look for the best family lawyer to help you get through this trying time.