In this video, you will learn about local bail bondsmen. A criminal case begins formally with the arrest. The judge can set a bond. There are a few characteristics when the judge is setting a bond.

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The judge is to set a bond that is sufficiently high to secure that person’s appearance in court. If the bond is too low, that person may have no reason to come back to court. The bond can’t be set too high so that people who don’t have the privilege can’t pay. Once a bond has been set, there are a number of ways that the bond can be satisfied. You’ll never have to pay any money for bonds if you show up when you are supposed to. A cash bond is someone going down to the county and posting the full amount of money. A bondsman is going to charge you a fee. They will either charge interest or tell the person that you have to follow these conditions that the bondsmen sets. A bondsman has the ability to file for a warrant against your arrest. There are some bond conditions. You cannot commit any other crimes.