Redecorating your space doesn’t have to be done on a million-dollar budget. Can you imagine that you don’t even really have to leave your house? Yep, that’s right. You can use the items that you already have in your space. And if you really need to spend money, there are a couple of budgeting hacks that you can implement and still get the best results. You can redecorate your home into your own personal art project. Get creative! Get innovative! You’ll find that in more cases than one you end up with a unique space that screams personality. Your personality! Below is a list of cheap decorating hacks you can use to decorate your house.

Use What You’ve Got!

Oh, yeah. Get cracking and look around your house for unique items that you could repurpose for decorative uses. Get into your garage or toolshed and take out your vintage tools and hang them in a way that screams innovation! Another thing you should do with your garage or basement, and your whole house in general, is to throw away the items you don’t need anymore. Once that’s done, set yourself up on an epoxy garage floor. It’s easy to clean, comes in different designs and makes your garage look less like something from “The Walking Dead” is about to walk out. Also, you can just repurpose the whole room and use the stuff you find and turn it into a chill spot. This hack works for basements as well.

Another one of our cheap decorating hacks involves reshuffling your furniture. Moving a couch to a different room or throwing old appliances away can really transform a space. The great thing about old stuff is that you can also use it as wall art, grab some hooks and hammer them into a wall and voila! You have an artsy unique design space that nobody else has in their home, because who really has the same stuff in their house as yours, right? Lastly, just reupholster your furniture, rip it all apart. Play with colors. Make that leather couch into something completely different. Go crazy and have a yellow couch in the middle of your house. Bottom line, anything that can be reupholstered holds great potential for cheap, easy design hacks!

Clear The Clutter

Let’s face it, our home basements tend to look like something out of a weird horror movie. You don’t want to go there. But with all of our cheap decorating hacks, you can transform your basement into pretty much anything. An extra room, a playroom for the children or, the most popular, a man cave. You could hire a basement remodeling company. But we say it’s definitely more cost effective to use our list of cheap decorating hacks. Get all the stuff that you don’t need out of your basement and your Amish built garage. You’ll be surprised at how many interesting things you’ll find there that will assist you with your decorating project.

Also, something as simple as throwing out and repurposing the things you have in your house can act as a very cheap decorating hack because you don’t have to spend a dime. You can also get a company to cover any exposed cables and basically tie up any loose ends. Pun intended. The look of wires and cables all over the house can take away from the aesthetic of your space. A very significant difference can be seen from tidying these up.

Choose Affordable Art

When people think of artwork, they think Van Gogh or Da Vinci, but it really doesn’t have to be all that expensive or extravagant. The best way to go about buying your fine art is to look for sales and discounted art in shops. If you are picky about having art pieces that are mass produced, then you can go to university art galleries and displays. There you will get unique, beautiful and let’s say it, “cheap”, art pieces that can really tie your look together! You might not have the priceless artwork; however, you can go eccentric, loud and bold with your framing. Go for art gallery framing. It gives the illusion of grandeur. Also, if you have a particular expensive piece that you are fascinated by, you don’t have to go and buy the piece, you can opt for art prints reproductions. Frame it well, place it in the right spot and you’re on the right track.

It just goes to show that you don’t have to break the bank to be an art connoisseur. Another way to add an artistic aesthetic to your home is to use outside accessories inside. So don’t put your garden gnome in the garden. Instead, place him in a corner so he looks like he’s hiding away from all the other gnomes.

Play Around With The Lights

Another one of our cheap decorating hacks involves opting for Southwestern Lighting solutions. The lighting in your home can change the mood and feel of any room. Opting for different colors and shapes to make your space seem bigger or smaller depending on what you’re going for can really make a difference and add texture to a room. Move around the lamps in your house, reupholster the lights with unique shapes and fabrics. You can stick Fairy lights all along the top of your ceiling for the look of a midnight sky or you can use empty jars and fill them with Fairy lights to make them look like fireflies in a jar.

Get A Plant Or Two

You don’t have to have green fingers to have a house full of plants. You can literally fill your house with plastic pot plants to give it that outdoorsy feel. You’ll find this to be a cheaper variant than buying live plants. If plastic isn’t your thing, then you can start small with your plants. You can go to your local store and buy seeds or use-offs from your friends and family’s pot plants and plant them for yourself. You don’t even have to buy actual pot plants, you can use mugs, metal cups, buckets or even your old jam jars. You can pretty much recycle anything hollow and turn it into a unique pot plant for your house. Plants add a different dimension to your design space once you have them in your house. You can also create a wall of plants if you decide to buy smaller pot plants to save money. Have each plant at different levels of the shelves.

Do It Yourself

Ever walked into a house during Christmas or Halloween and thought, I could use some of these decorating ideas for my house on a normal day? Well, you can! Don’t wait for autumn to have your fall decorating ideas light up your living room. Grab a few leaves and sweet-smelling flowers from your back yard, dry them out, and make your own potpourri. Whether you consider yourself a DIY expert or a beginner, there are many exercises on the internet that you can do to transform everyday objects into decorative pieces. A popular DIY practice is transforming wine bottles into center pieces. A quick trip to your nearest craft store, some imagination and glue will do the trick! You can even include the kids in all the fun. This way you have a fun family exercise, some few extra hands and memories that will last you a lifetime. For the kids’ rooms, grab some paint and get messy. Handprint the wall or allow the kids to go crazy and paint their own mural.

Include Personalized Items

Want to create a room that’s just yours? Personalize! Put your name on it all! Okay, not really. But another thing on our list of cheap decorating hacks is turning your simple objects into cute, personalized decorative pieces. Have a shelf of white mugs with each family member’s name in the kitchen, visible as anyone walks in. It’s the simple things that will transform your kitchen from a place where all the cooking is done to a family room where memories are made. You could even customize those hypoallergenic sheets you bought for yourself and put your name on them so no one else uses them, make it all just for you. You could even get your own custom rubber stamps and use them to print patterns or your name on anything you feel could use a stamp on it. Imagine a bean bag with your name on it in a well-lit corner with all your favorite books. Sounds lovely, right? When you’re redecorating, you can use your smaller appliances to tie the whole look together. Have specific stamps for specific rooms and make your space entirely your own.

Paint Or Wallpaper Your Woes Away

This next tip is probably the easiest of our cheap decorating hacks. Change the color of your room. Transform a dull space by adding a bright colored wall or get someone who does printing services to design a unique wallpaper for you to stick on to your walls. No paint equals less mess. You don’t have to get the most expensive paint. You just have to get creative with it. Painting isn’t restricted to the walls. You can also put a coat of paint onto your old and dull coffee table, using a loud and unexpected color. You will always get a compliment about how unique your home is. Play with textures and use a wallpaper that has a brick or pebble design for one side of the room. Using different aesthetics allows you to make your design space a bit more eclectic and you’re not limited by the overall colors in the room.

Visit The Thrift store

The next thing on our list of cheap decorating hacks plays on your budget. It’s about getting cheap pieces for greater value. You can go to yard sales where people are selling off their antiques and maybe even move away. Some of the best gems are found in such sales. You can also wait for your favorite furniture and design stores to hold a sale instead of buying items at full price. This saves you a lot and could maybe even leave you with a little extra change to buy that other thing you wanted in your living room. You can also hack the system and fool everyone by mixing it up. Buy expensive and inexpensive items for your space. Your home looks like it’s rolling with the times, and you also get in to some timeless pieces, some hypoallergenic bedsheets.

With the more inexpensive items, try to go for more neutral colors, that way you can fit them into any space comfortably. Also, with cheaper thrift store or off-the-store goods the more embellished they are, the more likely they will fail you in the near future. The point is to get the best value for your money and not a temporary fix for your house. Lastly, for more unique pieces, you can even go to parts of town where they have cultural pieces like African masks and Chinese lamps on sale. Because they aren’t something that you find everywhere, they can become statement pieces in your home. You will find that going to different communities to buy decorative items may be cheaper than just walking into your local furniture store, so dare to explore

As you can see, redecorating your home can be a fun and wholesome experience. With our cheap decorating hacks, you really don’t need a lavish budget. All you need is your imagination, inspiration and a lot of energy. A quick trip to the arts and crafts store will come in handy, but it’s not necessary. Be innovative, search online for different ways to transform your space without spending too much. You can even turn it into a fun family activity over the weekend until you get the space you have always dreamed of. Happy redecorating!