If you are looking for a way to save money, look no further than installing or repairing your shingles yourself. The process is surprisingly simple. Even so, caution must still be taken when working high off the ground. Make sure you are harnessed in so that you don’t risk falling. If you feel uncomfortable with heights or would simply rather trust the job with trained professionals, consider calling a professional roofing company instead. In this video, you will learn to save money by doing your own shingles.

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You will need to start by nailing down drip edging along the sides of the roof. If you don’t do this, water will run down the walls and cause the wood to become soft and moldy. Once you have the drip edging installed, you are ready for the felt paper. Felt paper is useful for preventing moisture build up under the shingles. Further, it provides free movement between the shingles and roof. This leads to less friction and damages during high winds. Lastly, you will want to nail down the shingles across the whole roof. Remember to overlap them a little bit as you nail them down. You do not want any of the felt to show through.