You have probably heard that solar panels can save you money. This is true because they lessen your reliance on purchasing electricity from your electric company. This also makes your home more self-sufficient. Plus, you can also sell your extra solar electricity to your electric provider. However, do the benefits really outweigh the upfront costs? Watch this video to find out.

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The upfront cost to buying and installing the solar panels can be steep. You need to pay for the labor of the contractors and the electrician. You also need to pay for the solar panels themselves. These pieces of technology can be pricey. On the other hand, the government has realized how these upfront costs can hinder the adoption of this technology. Therefore, the federal government and most state government offer tax credits to those who purchase solar panels. This results in direct cost savings. This is what makes them affordable to some people. Even so, you still need to calculate the costs of installing the solar panels and your yearly estimated savings. From these numbers, you can figure out how long they will take to pay for themselves. If it seems like a reasonable amount of time to you, go for it!