This video will cover some uncommon types of flooring that you can find in a flooring store. The two floors for discussion are the rubber and cork floors which are very unlike each other in that they each have a vastly different application.

Rubber: A rubber floor excels at durability.

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That makes it great for gyms and children’s playrooms where the floor will undergo heavy contact. Rubber flooring is waterproof and resists scratches and scuffs extremely well.

Cork: Unlike rubber, cork flooring is highly susceptible to damage. Sunlight can cause it to discolor, and a pet’s claws can also cause damage to it. Water is also an enemy to cork floors.

It has many drawbacks that make it impractical for mainstream use, but it still is a very beautiful floor to look at. Cork floors are eco-friendly because they are sourced from the bark of a cork tree, which does not need to be cut down.

Cork floors can also be sanded down to remove blemishes, giving them a new look. However, the number of times it can be sanded down is a detail that a local flooring store can clarify.