Home glass tinting is not your average car tint; it is invisible and does not change a home’s appearance. In this video, four reasons to get home glass tinting.

Reduced heat: The number one reason most people want a tint on their windows.

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In this case, home glass tinting will greatly reduce the heat entering the house. A side effect of this is reduced electric bills due to better energy efficiency because the air conditioner can stay off for longer periods.

Reduced Glare: The glare from the sun can hinder productivity or just get on someone’s nerves. With home glass tinting, this is no longer an issue.

UV Protection: Window tint can block up to 99.9% of UV rays keeping the inhabitants safe from its harmful effects. This also means reduced sun damage on furniture/photos and other items affected by UV rays.

Security and Privacy: Despite it being a film, home glass tinting holds the glass together for longer in case someone is trying to gain entry by force. Additionally, a darker tint offers more privacy during the day.