This video offers a discussion between several people about the future of telemedicine for mental health and how major companies are looking for better ways to provide health care post covid. Two people are the most prominent discussion participants. They are Elizabeth Mitchell, the CEO, and president of “Purchase Business Group” and the other is Anjali Kamlani of “Yahoo Finance”.

They discuss how pre covid health care plans were too expensive, yet did not offer employees many options, especially for mental health needs. Post covid the need for mental health care rose substantially.

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The discussion speaks of how home-bound employees still needed health care even when people were for the most part working from home. After they returned to the office, healthcare options were not that great for employees that lived rurally. One solution proving to have better results was the growing area of telemedicine for mental health. Companies continue to want plans for employees to offer telemedicine for mental health. With new financial transparency rules in healthcare and federal intervention about high costs, employers are finding new innovative options for health care including lower-cost telemedicine for mental health in our post covid reality.